Expanding Our Comfort Zone

  1. Try some new food.

  2. Go on a silent retreat.

  3. Ask for a raise.

  4. Smile at strangers.

  5. Say hello to people in the grocery store.

  6. Be the first to say "I love you."

  7. Perform at an open mic night.

  8. Eat at a local restaurant by yourself.

  9. Take a day off from work to volunteer at your child's school.

  10. Go back to school.

  11. Invest in a business.

  12. Moonlight as a waitperson.

  13. Unplug the TV for a week.

  14. Write in a journal every day.

  15. Learn to surf.

  16. Go to a different church/temple/mosque each week.

  17. Get your news from different sources.

  18. Live in another country.

  19. Do a house-swap for a month.

  20. Use public transportation.

  21. Wear an outrageous outfit.

  22. Meditate for 15-minutes a day.

  23. Put your cell phone in a drawer for a full week.

  24. Make a fool of yourself on purpose.

  25. Call someone you admire in your community and ask them out for lunch.

  26. Ask someone you admire to be your mentor.

  27. Switch sides (of the bed) with your partner.

  28. Confront a phobia.

  29. Jump out of a plane (with a parachute please!).

  30. Learn to scuba dive.

  31. Say I love you to your parents/children/siblings/friends.

  32. Admit you were wrong.

  33. Go to a movie by yourself.

  34. Take responsibility for something you didn't do.

  35. Give away all one-month's income.

  36. Give a public talk on a topic you're passionate about.

  37. Join a networking group.

  38. Disconnect the Internet for a week.

  39. Ask for help.

  40. Get a part time job as a checker at your local grocery store.

  41. Enter an art show.

  42. Forgive someone.

  43. Join Toastmasters.

  44. Start a blog.

  45. Ask for a partial or complete telecommute arrangement at work.

  46. Take lessons in something you've always wanted to try (art, music, woodworking, dancing, etc.).

  47. Learn a foreign language.

  48. Read a book in a genre you don't usually read.

  49. Delegate more of your work.

  50. Get up an hour earlier than usual.

  51. Try a therapy or modality that seems a bit "out there."

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